Download Data

Download up to half a million data points for 192 UN countries. Data includes all 45 ND-GAIN indicators across 19 years (1995-2014). Data is provided as separate CSV files in a single compressed file. Zip file includes:

  • ND-GAIN Index
  • Vulnerability scores
  • Vulnerability sector scores: Water, Agriculture, Health, Infrastructure, Food, Ecosystems
  • Component scores: Exposure, Sensitivity, Adaptive Capacity
  • Readiness scores
  • Readiness sector scores: Economic, Governance, Social
  • GDP adjusted scores for the ND-GAIN Index, Vulnerability and Readiness scores
  • All 45 indicators used to generate the ND-GAIN Index. It includes raw values (raw.csv) as obtained from the sources, interpolated values (input.csv) where interpolation is used to fill-in missing values, and scaled values (score.csv) where all indicators are in the 0-1 range for aggregation purposes
  • Additional context information (Populations, GDP, HDI)

Terms of use:

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